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Neuro Therapy

ETPS Neuromechanical Therapy
ETPS Neuromechanical Therapy is the world's first integrative therapy developed exclusively to fight pain. The theoretical underpinnings of ETPS therapy are based on sound medicine, firmly grounded in the concepts of acupuncture, modern neurology, microcurrent stimulation and myofascial release (muscular relaxation) techniques. ETPS can produce superior results over traditional pain therapy techniques in a fraction of the time - and without drugs, side effects, pads or gels. ETPS has been a remarkable success in the fight against chronic pain. The results are so impressive using this approach that complete or substantial relief from pain may often occur in the first or second treatment. Most patients require 2-10 treatments for permanent results, with some chronic patients requiring ongoing treatments. ETPS can be individualized to any patient's needs and applied non-invasively within 15-30 minutes. ETPS stimulation is significantly more effective than any other therapies offered on the marketplace, decreasing recovery time by over 80%. The ETPS Unit safely detects treatment points on the surface of the skin, then applies concentrated microstimulation to motor, trigger, and acupoints for a fast, intensified healing response. This approach produces a completely different sensation and healing response than traditional TENS. ETPS has been clinically proven to be very effective for chronic intractable pain control. Traditional acutherapy and trigger point needling have been scientifically proven to release natural pain relievers. The ETPS Unit has been designed to evoke the very same beneficial response, "tapping" into our body's own internal pain relieving system. The ETPS Unit also has a feature which allows the user to either increase or decrease circulation to the area of injury through a polarity reversal. Decreasing circulation setting is similar to ice therapy, and is most beneficial for pain control and reduction of swelling. Increasing circulation setting is similar to heat therapy and is most beneficial for immune enhancement and neural regeneration. Helping to reduce or increase the blood flow to the area greatly contributes to the natural healing process. One application can provide hours, days or weeks of relief depending on condition and severity. Results will vary depending on the condition and the severity, but outcomes are usually cumulative, providing better and better results over time. This therapy may be applied to joint pain, back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, knee pain, bursitis, neck pain, hip pain, sports injuries, tendonitis, cramps, and many other chronic pain conditions. It is also used to improve scar tissue by normalizing its color, smoothing the scar tissue, making the scar flatter and less pinched, and reducing the pull of the scar on surrounding tissue. Scar treatments require 2 - 6 treatments depending on the size and severity of the scar.

ETPS Neuromechanical Therapy can be included in the first 15 minutes of any massage and bodywork session at no additional charge. A second, twenty minute appointment in the same week is only $30. Initial scar treatment is $80, and follows up scar treatments are $50. If you have received at least three treatments and your scar is not visibly improved and less painful, your money will be refunded.

First Treatment: $50 (30 mins)
Follow-up Treatment: $30 (15-20 mins)

Are you ready to invest in your health?